“Breastfeeding disparities exist the highest in Black women. Increasing rates of breastfeeding initiation and supporting continuation of breastfeeding among Black women might help reduce disparities" - Center for Disease Control

MilkSpace Pop-Up for Events!

MilkSpace 8x8 Private Pop-Up Canopy

Planning an event, and want to include an "optional" designated convenient and safe MilkSpace for MilkMamas to express breastmilk during events? Whether indoor or outdoor, MilkSpace offers a stylish 8x8 pop-up canopy event service solution that empowers women to accomplish their breastfeeding goals in a private and comfortable space to express and store their precious liquid gold during events. 


Our 8x8 MilkSpace pop-up canopy will leave MilkMamas feeling empowered, inspired, and celebrated

Hourly service rate is $50.00/hour for events (minimum 2+ hrs.)

MilkSpace includes comfortable seating, electronic charging port, and electronic cooler for storing milk during events. 

*Service areas (Dallas - Fort Worth)*