“Breastfeeding disparities exist the highest in Black women. Increasing rates of breastfeeding initiation and supporting continuation of breastfeeding among Black women might help reduce disparities" - Center for Disease Control


MilkSpace, LLC was founded by Kelli Mumphrey who was grinding day in and day out, working a 9 to 5, serving in the Unites States Navy as a SELRES drilling reservist, and pursuing a master’s degree all while trying to be a present wife and breastfeeding mother.  Always on the go, Kelli found herself in situations where she would have to resort to pumping and dumping her breastmilk in public restrooms.  Frustrated by the lack of access to convenient and sanitary spaces to express breastmilk while away from her home, in 2018, Kelli created MilkSpace, LLC a business that provides event planners with a service solution to accommodate nursing women during events and is optimistic about using her breastfeeding experience in MilkSpace, LLC.

Due to Covid-19, Kelli has temporarily pivoted from an in-person business to an e-commerce business offering MilkMama Sanity Kits filled with breastfeeding essentials that focus on sanitation and convenience to keep women sane and smiling while on the go.  In addition, the new business model includes a social impact initiative “Match IT 4 HER!” aimed to lessen breastfeeding disparities in communities of color, specifically for low-income Black mothers by forming partnerships with Community-Based-Organizations (CBO) and for-profit entities to provide access to breastfeeding essentials and breastfeeding resources at no cost.  Through the initiative, MilkSpace, LLC plans to donate (4) initial free MilkMama Sanity Kits to CBO partners for distribution to mothers in low-income communities of color. 

In addition, the initiative will create an opportunity for CBOs to receive free kits by way of “public purchases for purpose” of MilkSpace, LLC’s MilkMama Sanity Kits to be donated directly to CBOs for distribution to mothers in low-income communities of color.  “Match IT 4 HER!” is completely free to registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofits, with a simple reporting component. Currently, Kelli is actively seeking partnerships to help bring her “Match IT 4 HER!” social impact initiative to life! Interested CBOs and for-profits can check out her YouTube video here;https://youtu.be/0dOxfVpxsSE , or email Kelli at info@milkspace.co.

MilkSpace, LLC supports breastfeeding for ALL MAMAS!  MilkSpace, LLC mission is to empower more women to reach their breastfeeding goals NO matter HER location while maximizing its social impact with a collaborative network of CBOs and for-profit businesses to lessen breastfeeding disparities in Black women.  Kelli  holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Virginia State University, a master’s degree in Management, and has completed her master’s degree coursework in Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Small Business from American Military University (May, 2021 Commencement).