AUGUST is National Breastfeeding Month! 2022 Theme: Together We Do Great Things!
AUGUST is National Breastfeeding Month! 2022 Theme: Together We Do Great Things!
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Kelli Mumphrey is a proud United States Navy veteran who recognizes her life as a gift meant to be of service to others.  In just two months after transitioning from active duty in 2014, Kelli and her husband received a few unexpected fast pitched curve balls. Kelli and her husband found themselves homeless with a one-year-old daughter sleeping on relatives’ couches and spare rooms, while expecting their second child. Grinding day in and day out, Kelli worked a 9 to 5 as a government employee, while serving as a Navy SELRES drilling reservist at Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth and earning her first master’s degree all while trying to be a present wife and a breastfeeding mother. 

Always on the go, Kelli found herself in situations where she would resort to pumping and dumping her breastmilk in public restrooms, and in other places she felt were unsanitary, uncomfortable, and inadequate.  Frustrated by the lack of access to convenient and sanitary public spaces to express breastmilk while away from her home, in 2018, Kelli created MilkSpace, LLC a business that provides outdoor public space operators and event organizers with a pop-up canopy lactation space to address the gap in outdoor breastfeeding amenity solutions. 

Kelli is now hard at work on developing a Mobile MilkSpace fleet to deliver premium mobile breastfeeding solutions for outdoor public space operators and event organizers.  Kelli is a proud H.B.C.U. graduate of Virginia State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications (Public Relations).  She has also earned two master’s degrees in Management and Entrepreneurship from American Military University.