“Breastfeeding disparities exist the highest in Black women. Increasing rates of breastfeeding initiation and supporting continuation of breastfeeding among Black women might help reduce disparities" - Center for Disease Control

MilkMama Sanity Kits to Keep Mamas Sane & Smiling...No Matter HER Location


It definitely has everything needed for breastfeeding on the go!

Baltimore, MD MilkMama


MilkSpace, LLC has a special Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to lessen breastfeeding disparities in disadvantaged and underserved Black Women.

We NEED your help to make an impact where it counts most!

Apply here to become a MilkSpace MATCH IT 4 HER Community Partner to receive FREE MilkMama Sanity Kits!

Or, email info@milkspace.co to learn more!

*MilkMama Sanity Kits are available for purchase by anyone, and are for every mama*