Match IT 4 HER! Social Impact

MilkSpace, LLC’s “Match IT 4 HER!” social impact initiative goal is to lessen breastfeeding disparities in communities of color, specifically for low-income Black mothers by forming partnerships with Community-Based-Organizations (CBO) and for-profit entities to provide access to breastfeeding essentials and breastfeeding resources. 

Through the "Match IT 4 HER!" social impact initiative, MilkSpace, LLC plans to donate (4) initial free MilkMama Sanity Kits to CBO partners for distribution to mothers in low-income communities of color.  In addition, the initiative will create an opportunity for CBOs to receive free kits by way of public "Purchase for Purpose" of MilkSpace, LLC’s MilkMama Sanity Kits to be donated directly to CBOs for distribution to mothers in low-income communities of color.  “Match IT 4 HER!” is completely free to registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofits.

Join the Match IT 4 HER! movement now as a Community Partner or Business Partner.

MilkSpace, LLC is seeking both “Match IT 4 HER!” Community Partnerships and Business partnerships.

MilkSpace, LLC is actively seeking “Match IT 4 HER!” Business Partnerships to create a collaborative network inclusive of businesses that desire to permit their products and services to be included in MilkMama Sanity Kits, and/or donated directly to MilkSpace, LLC’s “Match IT 4 HER!” Community Partners. The nature of MilkSpace, LLC’s “Match IT 4 HER!” Business Partnerships is to create and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships where effort and time is reciprocated, yielding positive benefits for all parties involved creating a collaborative business network to close the gap in breastfeeding disparities in Black women by providing access to products and services empowering more women to reach their breastfeeding goals!

To date, MilkSpace, LLC has acquired partnerships with MilkStrip & Mama Love enabling their products to be included in MilkMama Sanity Kits!  In addition, these companies will donate free products to MilkSpace, LLC's Match IT 4 HER! Community Partners!

MilkSpace, LLC would love your help to make an impact where it counts most!

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